Budostal-3 Export Sp. z o.o.
31-983 Kraków, ul. Igołomska 1

tel. (012) 357 20 17
fax (012) 686 60 50

About Us

Budostal-3 Export Ltd. based in Krakow. After the establishment in 2005, partly on the basis of JSC Budostal-3, for a short time the society has acquired vast experience in the implementation of export projects,espasialy in the eastern markets. 

 Representation of companies in Russia and Ukraine have received the tax identification numbers and necessary licences to perform the design services and construction and assembly, they provide professional and consistent with local legal service export contracts.  

The company executes orders starting from the support in obtaining funding for a particular investment project at the moment of the idea of its implementation, the execution of the technical design, obtaining necessary permits for construction, to comply with the order as general contractor. 

On the markets of the former USSR Budostal-3 Export Ltd. help clients in getting financing and engineering sources- we are one of few building companies, which provide a full range of investment services, constructions and assembly in the East far of Poland. 

The company also deals with foreign trade and construction products and all capital goods. Since the beginning of its activity the company also runs the export of construction services in Sweden, Germany, Norway and Portugal steadily increasing its turnover in these markets.



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